The Inner Game of chewing


Using the tongue tasting the food while interacting with the pallet than emphasizing the sharp and swift biting of teeth

Eating for pleasure, losing Mass and re-creating the lost satisfying signal of Enough.


Mass = Food x Velocity/Pleasure

The video recording (1.20 hours) is an example out of a 30 hours program.

Mindful Eating - The inner game of chewing - 1.20 hours

  • The file you are about to download is a PDF document with all the details and explanations about the program. Inside the PDF you will have an access link and password to a series of videos on the web.

  • 1. Intro – Rediscovering the "Enough" Signal

    2. Guided Imagery

    3. Getting in Touch with Attitudes & Beliefs

    4. Guided Imagery Sharing

    5. Guided Meal – The Inner Game of Chewing